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Bipartisan Policy Center: Balancing Security, Access, and Privacy in Electronic Ballot Transmission

"Trade-offs are inherent to election administration. Election officials and policymakers must regularly make decisions that restrict or expand voter access, detract or enhance election security, and reduce or enshrine voter privacy. These decisions ought to be simple: policymakers should prioritize expanding privacy, security, and access over restricting it."

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The West Virginia Mobile Voting Case Study: Providing a Convenient and Secure Voting Option for Uniformed Service Members

This report describes the following: an overview of the barriers military and overseas voters face, the successful execution of the mobile voting pilot, and the post-election audit of the West Virginia election conducted by the National Cybersecurity Center.

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Charleston County, South Carolina: Innovations in Election Administration

This report describes the following: the mobile voting pilot conducted in Charleston County, South Carolina. An overview of how informed military voters, their families, and civilians residing overseas received, marked, and returned their ballots. An overview of how mobile voting helped alleviate the administrative burden on election officials and streamline the UOCAVA process.

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Toward Voters’ Equal Protection in Participation: A Roadmap to Equal Voting Experience for Voters With Disabilities

"This paper sets forth a roadmap of objectives, and actions for each, in terms of technology, policy, and advocacy. Taken together, the roadmap’s guidance comprises an undertaking of considerable effort and importance, but taken individually, each action is firmly rooted in current facts on the ground, and tractable steps forward."

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Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP): Comparative Risk Analysis of the Current UOCAVA Voting System and an Electronic Alternative

"The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is investigating the risks associated with different voting systems in advance of a Congressionally-mandated requirement for an online voting demonstration project, and to ensure that U.S. citizens and uniformed services personnel living overseas are able to cast their votes securely and accurately. "

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