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Getting Started Early

Young voter turnout has historically lagged behind that of older citizens. As a result, young people’s interests are underrepresented in our government.  Although youth turnout increased in 2018 and 2020, there is still much work to be done to ensure that the younger generations make their voices heard. One reason that youth turnout remains so low is the voting process is confusing and intimidating. Registering and voting can involve hassles that may seem simple (such as having a stamp to mail in a form) but are outside of their normal daily activities. The perceived difficulty and annoying hassles has discouraged students from taking the time to complete the tasks needed to vote. Students who attend college out of state face even greater hurdles. Local rules for registering to vote can be confusing and difficult for students to determine if they are eligible to vote in their home state or where they attend college. Similarly, students move with much greater frequency than other voters and may find it annoying or confusing to have to change or update their voter registration with each move.

  • 50 % of registered 18-29-year-olds turned out in 2020. This is nearly 25% lower than the voter turnout of 65-74-year-olds.

 Reducing Barriers

Mobile voting will help eliminate the annoying hassles and obstacles that deter students from registering and voting. Mobile voting utilizes the same tools and technology that the vast majority of students use every day. In fact, 95% of 18-29-year-olds own smartphones. Why wouldn’t we utilize a voting solution that millions of Generation Zers’ already use on a daily basis? With mobile voting, students no longer need to find a stamp or locate a polling place or ballot dropbox. Instead, mobile voting brings the ballot to the student and invites them to participate using technology they are familiar and comfortable with. Mobile voting will help increase voter turnout among college students and ensure that the next generations of Americans have an equitable say in our government.

Resources & Related News

  • From new voter registrations, absentee ballot applications, and constantly changing addresses, it’s not easy to vote while a student. Here is a great resource to help you navigate those difficulties.

Have a Story to Share?

Are you a college student who has faced difficulties casting your ballot? Have you participated in a mobile voting pilot? Share your story with us so others hear how mobile voting has helped you!

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