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You do everything else on your phone. Why not vote?

Every American should be able to vote on their phone. Our 20+ pilot programs have shown that mobile voting is not just feasible, but the preferred option for many voters. In order to get there we need more transparent and open-source mobile voting solutions. That's why we launched a grant program to build a digital version of paper absentee voting.

Our Democracy is Broken; But Not Beyond Repair

Low voter turnout and pervasive gerrymandering has put political power in the hands of a tiny fraction of people, leading many to lose faith in the promise of representative democracy.

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We believe that everyday technology can revolutionize democracy and make it work for all.

We are working to add mobile voting as an option to increase participation in all elections by making voting more convenient without sacrificing voting verifiability.

Mobile Voting is built for everyone.

Our pilots have proven that it works –increasing turnout by making it easier to vote.

See where mobile voting is happening.

Learn more about how mobile voting works and how we ensure that your vote remains secure each step of the way.

More people should be able to vote. Period.

Mobile voting makes it easier to vote for more people - and makes our democracy more accessible and inclusive.