Why Mobile Voting?

Because our current electoral systems are failing voters

Our current approach to elections leaves many voters behind – especially military, rural, and disabled voters. For them, voting is cumbersome, or worse, their votes go uncounted.

Imagine you’re serving in the military. You wake up every day and put your life on the line to protect our right to vote. What do you see in return? Not only do very few of your fellow Americans actually exercise that right to vote, but when you try to vote in elections back home, most of the time, your vote is almost never even counted. That’s reality for all of our deployed military all across the globe.

Or imagine you are blind or visually impaired. Life is tough enough already. And exercising your right to vote is even tougher. Not only do you have to go to the polling place but your right to secrecy is lost because someone at the polling place has to help you use their outdated machines.

These are just two of the many groups across our country whose rights are deprived by our current failed approach to elections.

It’s the future, we should be prepared

All signs point to the inevitability of mobile voting. We have the technology and the security intelligence to tackle this now.

Think about what we do on our phones every day. Talk to loved ones. Conduct business. Buy toothpaste. Transfer money. Shouldn’t we be able to use that same technology to participate in our own democracy? If we want people to vote, we have to make it secure and we have to make it easy. We have the technology to achieve both with mobile voting.

Because our democracy is in crisis

Our government is dysfunctional because it’s so polarized. It’s so polarized because so few people vote when it counts.

For many politicians, policy decisions are based on what impacts their next election – and little else. In a world where average turnout in primaries is less than 20%, no one should be surprised that most legislators and policymakers are hostages of either the far left or far right.

The only solution is to dramatically increase turnout. That can only come about by making it dramatically easier to vote. It comes from mobile voting. And it comes from doing it securely, to make our elections safe from hacking and foreign interference.

For a less extreme electorate

When voting is hard, only the most engaged vote – which means our elections are dominated by activists on either side.

Imagine you’re a Republican Congressman from Florida. Privately, you know an assault weapons ban makes sense. But turnout in your primary is 12%. And half of those voters are NRA members. Because of gerrymandering, the primary effectively is the general election. You may want to vote for an assault weapons ban but you won’t, because it’d cost you the next election.

But what if turnout in your primary was 60% instead of 12%? Then the political logic flips and you’d support the mainstream view. If we want different policy outputs, we have to change the election inputs. In and of itself, mobile voting doesn’t solve anything. But if we embrace it, it puts us in a position to solve everything.

Let's Save Our Democracy

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