Mobile Voting 101

What is mobile voting?

  • Mobile voting is having the ability to securely vote in any election, wherever you are, securely with your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device.
  • Mobile voting will exponentially increase turnout and return power to the majority while improving security in the long run.


  • Voting is too inconvenient and the results prove it. Unless we improve access – we can’t improve turnout significantly. We need to fundamentally change how we vote.
  • Voters can take part in an election from anywhere they have a cellular or wifi connection. Election administrators decide when ballots are made available and voters then choose when and where they want to vote.


  • Modern smartphones and mobile devices are continuing to enhance identity verification features.
  • Mobile voting can easily be accompanied by a paper record for added security and verification and auditing purposes.

Let's Save Our Democracy

Every day our democracy becomes less representative and less responsive to the people. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join the Mobile Voting Project and help us make easy access to the polls a reality.

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