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Help us make the case for Mobile Voting.

Use the sample social media posts and sample letter to the editor below to highlight the recent Brennan Center report and help us make the case for why we need mobile voting!

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To share, save the image below to your local device, and use it and the sample social media copy below to post on your Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Copy: A new report from @BrennanCenter shows alarming racial disparities in voter turnout. 

@Mobilevoting can make it easier for everyone, regardless of their race, to cast a ballot. 

Read the full report at


For LinkedIn and Facebook

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Copy: The @BrennanCenter found states “made voting difficult for people of color” in the wake of federal voting rights legislation being struck down.

Nonwhite voters face higher absentee ballot rejection rates, longer lines at in-person polling locations, difficulty meeting strict photo ID requirements for in-person voting, and more. If we want to close this turnout gap, we need to add a @mobilevoting option, ensuring that every eligible voter can vote from their own smartphone.

Read the full report at

Submit a Letter to the Editor

To submit, copy and paste the text below and submit it to your local newspaper. You can find your local newspaper here.

Response to Brennan Center Report on “Growing Racial Disparities in Voter Turnout, 2008-2022”

After reading the recent report from the Brennan Center for Justice titled “Growing Racial Disparities in Voter Turnout, 2008-2022,” I am more convinced that we need to expand access to mobile voting to remove barriers and ensure all American citizens can exercise their right to vote.

Mobile voting is not new. It’s been piloted in over 330 jurisdictions across ten states since 2018. Around the world, mobile voting options have been used for two decades, and evidence shows that more voters are able to vote successfully when they have those options. The Brennan Center’s report makes clear why more Americans need access.  With new laws designed to increase the barriers to voting, like stricter absentee voting rules, photo ID requirements, and consolidated polling places, exercising our right to vote remains too difficult for too many people.

Mobile voting would not only make voting dramatically easier by putting the ballot on the device we use every day, but it would also help ensure our elections are secure. Mobile voting technology incorporates digital tools to ensure only eligible voters are able to vote, such as biometrics and multifactor authentication. And emerging technology gives voters tools to independently verify their ballot is correctly cast and counted. 

More and more Americans recognize our democracy is in crisis, and the Brennan Center report highlights one of the many reasons why. Mobile voting provides a solution that will not only ensure every American can vote, but will also ensure we can restore faith in our elections and democracy.