Where is it Happening?

West Virginia

Mobile voting was offered to Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) voters in the May 2018 primary and November 2018 general elections. Both of these mobile voting pilots were conducted using the Voatz app.


Mobile voting will be offered to UOCAVA and disabled voters in the May 2019 municipal elections and subsequent June 2019 runoff, if needed.

Recent updates:

July 2019 Utah County

Utah’s second-most populous county will offer mobile voting as an option for active-duty military, their eligible dependents, and overseas voters in August 2019 municipal elections. Utah County is the third jurisdiction in the U.S. to partner with Tusk Philanthropies on their national efforts to expand mobile voting.

March 2019 Denver

The Denver Elections Division announces that they have selected Voatz to conduct their mobile voting pilot during the May 2019 municipal elections and subsequent June 2019 runoff (if necessary).

November 2018 West Virginia

November general election is conducted for military and overseas voters with the Voatz app. Every submitted vote is counted, a thorough audit of the program is conducted, and voters are surveyed to get a sense of their experience with the technology.

August 2018 West Virginia

After a successful post-election security audit of the May pilot - Secretary of State Warner announces that mobile voting for UOCAVA voters will be opened to the entire state for the November general election. 24 counties opt to allow mobile voting for their UOCAVA voters.

May 2018 West Virginia

Primary elections are held - with mobile voting on the Voatz app opened to two counties for an initial test of the technology.

March 2018 West Virginia

Mobile voting pilot for UOCAVA voters in the May 2018 primary election is announced by Secretary of State Mac Warner. Electronic delivery of ballots begins.

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