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A Look Back at the Midterms

A Successful Election… But Much Left to Be Desired

This month, our country held another safe & secure midterm election with over 107 million ballots cast and little news of major interference or obstructions. We commend the thousands of election officials who helped ensure that our democratic right to vote was protected.

While there were many success stories from this election; there were also an equal amount of stories that highlighted our election system’s shortcomings and exemplified the need to add a mobile voting option. Today, we’re going to take a look at the highs and lows of our latest election.

The Highs

The Lows

What’s Next?
2023 Elections

Next year, six states and thousands of local municipalities will be holding elections; everything from governor to city council will be back on the ballot. It is anticipated that next year we will see much lower turnout as off-year elections often see much lower turnout when compared to midterm and presidential elections.

For Us

Throughout this election cycle, we again saw the many barriers put in place that helps suppress turnout and force certain voters to jump through more hoops than others. Whether it’s military voters, voters with disabilities, young voters, or Indigenous voters, we need to increase accessibility to the ballot box. This year underscored the need for a mobile voting option to help break down these barriers. Be sure to be on the lookout for more news and updates from us as we move into 2023.