You do everything else on your phone. Why not vote?

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Government for the many, not the few.

Less voter turnout and more gerrymandering has put political power in the hands of a small percentage of American citizens. That's why our government doesn't work.

The outputs of our government will never change without a drastic change to the inputs. Mobile voting will make sure that our politicians are once again responsive to the will of the majority.

Voting technology that looks to the future, not the past.

Let’s focus on the supercomputers in our pockets rather than continuing to patch outdated machinery.

More and more secure transactions are conducted on mobile networks everyday – yet when it comes to voting we use machines that are full of security flaws and should have been relegated to the last century.

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Let's Save Our Democracy

Every day our democracy becomes less representative and less responsive to the people. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join the Mobile Voting Project and help us make easy access to the polls a reality.

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