2020 Request For Proposals

A key element of our strategy has been funding pilots in states, counties, and municipalities interested in offering mobile voting as an option to voters to increase access to the ballot and participation. The goal of the pilots is to not only test the security, transparency, and usability of mobile voting applications, but also to produce real-world proofs of concept to drive cultural and policy change around how we view and conduct elections. In less than three years, the Mobile Voting Project has successfully conducted pilots in West Virginia, Colorado (Denver), Utah (Utah County), Oregon (Jackson and Umatilla Counties), and Washington (Pierce County).

With this RFP, we are seeking jurisdictions with election administrators who are forward-thinking, innovative, and dedicated to ensuring every voter can exercise their fundamental right to vote privately, securely, and independently. We are also seeking jurisdictions where election administrators have the statutory/legal authority to help us expand mobile voting to general voting public, beyond UOCAVA voters.

Pilots with approved jurisdictions will be treated as partnerships. The Mobile Voting Project will not interfere with election processes, protocols, and timelines in any way. Our role will be to provide election administrators and their staff with the resources, expertise, and support to successfully implement, publicize, and evaluate mobile voting elections with an emphasis on security, transparency, auditability, and creating a policy pathway for wider implementation. As part of the partnership, the Mobile Voting Project will provide in-kind media and technical assistance, as well as a one-time capacity grant (amount will vary based on pilot scope) for the total cost of the mobile voting pilot with the selected vendor.

If you are interested in participating, please send the below information to [email protected]

Jurisdiction (State, County, Municipality)*

Election Administrator Name*

Election Administrator Contact Information*


Direct Line*

Primary Contact Name (if different from election administrator)*

Primary Contact Information*


Direct Line*

For which election(s) are you interested in conducting a pilot?*

Which constituencies will be eligible to opt-in to participate in the pilot (e.g. general public, voters with disabilities, students residing out-of-state, etc.)?*

Based on the answer above, what is the actual or estimated number of voters who will be eligible to participate in the pilot?*

Is election administrator/primary contact permitted to sign an MOU outlining the responsibilities of all involved parties and funding schedule?*

Is there a separate contracting process that will be necessary (in addition to the MOU) in order to implement the pilot?**

Is there a third-party non-profit partner that the jurisdiction would like to engage as a partner in the pilot for post-election analysis and auditing activities?* If not, we can introduce the election administrator/primary contact to organizations we’ve worked with in the past.

Is the election administrator/primary contact/communications staff willing and able to collaborate on press releases and participate in press interviews and speaking engagements related to the pilot?*

Would the election administrator support statutory/regulatory change to provide for continued/wider implementation of mobile voting in the jurisdiction?* Would the election administrator/primary contact/elections staff like a demo from the mobile voting vendors?*

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